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Why Is the Solar System So Bizarre?

This is the title of a May 31 2012 magazine article in Science. The article goes on to say “all manner of planets circling other stars have been popping up of late: big ones, little ones; gassy ones, rocky ones; hot ones, cold ones. But the freakish diversity of worlds starts much closer to home. From the 1960s to the 1980s, space probes returned the first close-up looks at eight of the then-nine planets. To researchers expecting a simple story that would explain what shaped our solar system, the observations sent a sobering message: in your dreams.”
Scientists have postulated that the solar system formed at one time and thus everything in it is about the same age—4.5 billion years old—which includes the earth.
Genesis is clear—the solar system was made on day 4—the earth was made earlier on day 3. Now The Genesis One Code explains that a creation day is 2.5 billion years, making the earth substantially older than the 4.5 BY old sun (which agrees with Genesis). The evidence presented in the Science article above may be the beginning of the discovery that the earth was not formed at the same time as the sun and is older as per Genesis and as explained in detail in The Genesis One Code.

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