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Author Daniel Friedmann “The Biblical Clock”-Independence Day Virtual Book Tour June 30 – July 30, 2019

Science and religion have two seemingly opposing views of the universe’s biggest questions.Questions such as the development of the universe, evolution of human history and prophecies that surround the End of Days.

But what if the real story told you they were both right?

 Discover answers to some of the biggest questions in science and religion today, including:

Does the six-day creation account actually link with science’s 13.8 billion-year timeline?

How do world history, Genesis, and the End of Days fit within the context of God’s Plan in heaven?

How can the appearance of life on Earth, as depicted by the fossil record, match the sequence and timing of life on Earth described in Genesis 1?

Do Genesis and the evolution of human history reveal the events and timing for the End of Days?

Are there texts predating modern science that describe the Big Bang and contain the scientifically calculated age of the universe?

And finally, is there a secret harmony resolving the creation-versus-evolution debate?

The Biblical Clock is a fascinating and entertaining read, digging deep into the universe and solving its well-kept mysteries.

The Biblical Clock: The Untold Secrets Linking the Universe and Humanity with God’s Plan

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Is it possible to harmonize the scientific timeline for the development of the universe with the biblical timeline described in Genesis 1? How do the evolution of human history and prophecies surrounding the End of Days fit in?

Physics engineer and CEO Daniel Friedmann loves solving problems. When the avid scientist dives deep into scripture, he’s faced with questions he feels compelled to find an answer. His quest for answers takes him and his nephew Seb on an incredible journey through the ages, discovering the lives and works of mystics, prophets, sages, philosophers, scientists and biblical commentators.

Meet the Authors

Daniel FriedmannDaniel Friedmann is a student of the origin of the universe and life on earth both from the scientific and biblical perspectives. His work on reconciling the biblical account with scientific observation utilizing his biblical clock formula has been reported in various newspapers, magazines and radio talk shows.

He is presently Chairman of the Board of Carbon Engineering. A company dedicated to removing CO2 from the air to reduce climate change. For 20 years, until 2016, he was CEO of a global communications and information company which built the space station robotic arms, is involved in space exploration and the Hubble telescope. He is a professional engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering physics. He has 30 years’ experience in the space industry.

Daniel Friedmann’s books are featured in National Post, Toronto Star, UnCommon Descent, and Idea City.

The Biblical Clock * ISBN:  978-1981752553 * Pages: 364 pages

 Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards and a
Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner

The Biblical Clock Is available for purchase at: Kindle, AudioBook and Amazon.

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Dania Sheldon holds a doctorate in English language and literature from the University of DaniaSheldonOxford and is a professional writer, editor, and researcher, working in a wide range of subject areas and genres across the humanities and sciences. In 2017, Dania received the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, Canada’s highest recognition in that profession. Her 2018 work, “The Book of Lua: Stories and Wisdom from a Little Cat with Mobility Challenges,” was a finalist for two Next Generation Indie Book Awards. To find out more, please visit www.daniasheldon.com

Why would any believer read this book?

Because many believers are aware that science seems incompatible with the bible. Yet they are also well aware that science works. So, they need to see and understand that there is no incompatibility. Also, science and history shed much light on the bible itself.

Why would any nonbeliever read this book?

Because they may be aware that some questions are not being answered by science and certainly the future is uncertain. This book sheds light on these topics.


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The Biblical Clock Tour Schedule

June 30 – Visiting Ancient Origins 
Daniel Friedmann talks about How the Universe Came to Be: The Bible and Science

July 1 – Live Interview on the Radio Free Nashville Show
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Daniel Friedmann talks about The Biblical Clock

July 2  – Visiting ReligiousTolerance
Daniel Friedmann talks about Is God Necessary to Explain the Universe

July 3  – Spotlight at Women Connect Online
Daniel Friedmann talks to families about his book The Biblical Clock

July 4 – Live Interview on Beyond Reality Radio Show
Affiliate Stations:1210AM, 1450AM, KVOR,NewsTalk 1010, WBEN 930AM

Listen Live Here!
Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Daniel Friedmann about his book that talks about how the Genesis version of creation & the scientific community’s version of creation can actually be reconciled.

July 5 – Guest Blogger at Bound 4 Escape
Daniel Friedmann talks about his book The Biblical Clock

July 6 – Guest Blogger at The New Book Review
Daniel Friedmann talks to other writers about The Biblical Clock

July 7 – Spotlight at The Book Place
Daniel Friedmann talks to readers about The Biblical Clock

July 8 – Review at Angie’s Diary
Daniel Friedmann talks about his writing of the book The Biblical Clock

July 9 -Visiting All Things That Matter
Daniel Friedmann talks about What Does the Bible Say About Extinct Hominins

July 11 – Featured at Susan Heim on Parenting 
Daniel Friedmann talks to families about his book The Biblical Clock

July 12 – Interview at Faithblum.com 
Faith Blum, Author of Christian, Historical Fiction interviews Daniel Friedmann

July 14  – Visiting Broowaha
Daniel Friedmann talks about his writing. >

July 15 – Live Interview on the iTunes Podcast Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show
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Daniel Friedmann talks about the untold secrets linking the universe and humanity

July 16  – Visiting Self Growth
Daniel Friedmann talks about Are Humans Built for Self-Growth

July 17 – Interview at The YP Publishing
Daniel Friedmann talks about his books and The Biblical Clock

July 18 – Expert Author Spotlight at Ancient Origins

July 19- Live Interview on the PlayerFM Podcast Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show
| Spotify | Podbean | ListenNotes 
Daniel Friedmann talks about the untold secrets linking the universe and humanity

July 20 – Featured Spotlight at Book Reader Magazine
The Biblical Clock visits readers

July 21 – Live Interview on TuneIn Beyond Reality Radio Show
Affiliate Stations:1210AM, 1450AM, KVOR,NewsTalk 1010, WBEN 930AM, iHeartRadio

July 22  – Visiting Self Growth
Daniel Friedmann talks about Can Science Detect the Divine Soul

July 23- Visiting Goodreads

July 24 – Live Interview on the Guys Like Us Podcast
Listen Live August 6th
Tyler Brondyk interviews Daniel Friedmann

July 25–Spotlight at Awesomegang.com
The Biblical Clock visits readers

July 26 – Review at Dead Tree Reviews 
Paul Lappen reviews The Biblical Clock

July 27  – Interview at Women Connect Online
Daniel Friedmann talks to families about his book The Biblical Clock

July 28 – Live Interview on iTunes Podcast Beyond Reality Radio Show
Show also available on | PlayerFM | ListenNotes | Stitcher

July 29 – Review at SMS Nonfiction Book Review
Kathleen non-fiction book lover reviews The Biblical Clock

July 30 – Review at Karenzach.com 
Karen Spears Zacharias, former Newspaper Columnist, Speaker and Author of Christian books reviews The Biblical Clock

July 30 – Spotlight at Teen Book Place
Daniel Friedmann talks to teens about The Biblical Clock

Topics that will be discussed during the tour –

Did the universe come from nothing.
Can the 6 days of creation reconcile with 13.8 billion years.
Is the universe 13.8 billion years old or 5,779 years old.
What does Bible say about our relationship to Apes.
Is God Necessary to Explain the Universe.
How the Universe came to be Bible and science.
If God Created the Universe, Why Don’t We See Proof of It.
What does the Bible say about extinct hominins.
Can Science Detect the Divine Soul.
What Happens Before The End of Days? Is It Happening Now.
What is the purpose of the universe and man? How does it relate to the end of days.
IS THE END OF DAYS going To Happen no matter what? Do we have role in making them happen.
Is History A random set of events or a guided Process with an End goal.
Are All Historical Events Natural or Can We Have Some Supernatural Ones? How About the Events Relating to the End of the World.
Where Does The End Of Days Fit In the Biblical Chronology.

The Biblical Clock – Book Reviews



“Whether the reader enters this discussion from the purely religious side or from the purely scientific/secular side, the one (of many) points that Friedmann and Sheldon make is that there is no reason for combative separatism.Their honesty and humility are most welcome, no matter the preconceived notions of the reader.
Food for thought and for discussion during a period in our history when aspects of the origins debate and the Apocalypse seem to dominate.”
Grady Harp, Hall of Fame/Top 100 Reviewer, Amazon

“An eye-opening narrative that guides you on the twisting trail to truth about the sands of time and God’s great hourglass. Impeccably detailed, brilliantly researched.” David Menefee, author

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