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Pi in the Bible?

The number π (pay/) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The encyclopedia tells us that earliest written approximations of π are found in Babylon and Egypt, 1900–1600 BC (with a value accurate to about 1%, 3.1250)

“And he cast the pool, ten cubits from edge to edge, round, five cubits deep, and the perimeter surrounding it thirty cubits.” (I Kings 7:23)
The Bible is telling us that Pi is approximately 3—using words.

But the Bible consists of words, mathematical formulas and diagrams (for explanation see the Genesis One Code). Formulas: it turns out every letter and therefore every word and sentence in Hebrew has a numerical value. These values can be computed in many different ways (analogous to addition, logarithms, exponentials etc.). Using the mathematical values for words, we ascertain from the Biblical quote above that the ratio of circumference to diameter (i.e. Pi) is:
3 · 111/106 = 3.1415094… compared to today’s value for Pi of 3.14159265
Pictographs: every letter is a pictograph—combining different sections and meanings more complex analysis leads to a calculation for pi from letters and sentences in the Bible of:
355/113 = 3. 141592920 ….compared to pi of 3.14159265

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