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Higgs Boson – what does it mean to science and religion

Scientist at CERN may have found the Higgs Boson.
This particle has been predicted to exist for a long time as the missing piece in what is known as the standard model of elementary particles that make up the universe (although the model does not yet account for the fourth force – gravity).

The potential discovery of this particle has reignited the debate over science and religion – see for example
Despite the newness of the particle the science argument is the same – humans invent god when they can’t answer questions about how the universe works. The more we understand the less the need for this invented god. The Higgs explains how things take on mass therefore we now understand everything – and so the argument goes .

Well, this old argument just doesn’t work anymore. The reason being is that those that use this argument don’t understand the Bible. God let all cosmology (as described in the first 4 days of the Genesis creation narrative) happen via natural means, so it’s no surprise that we are and will understand everything; it was all set up by God to be understood via the scientific method. As The Genesis One Code explains only one cosmological event cannot be understood via science – the beginning – the creation of something (elementary particles) from nothing – Higgs does not explain this initial event at all – it simply confirms that what is needed for other particles to have the property of mass exists – as it should.

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